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WE GET THE NEW FOR YOU Magento Community Edition (CE) Alpha – IS Available NOW ON THE MARKET!

WE GET THE NEW FOR YOU Magento Community Edition (CE) Alpha – IS Available NOW ON THE MARKET!

We are very happy to declare We are excited to announce the launch of Magento Community Edition alpha1, now available in the market for preview. This release concentrate on main quality and stability advancement, performance enhancements very safety and very secure .
Key highlights contain:
Performance amelioration
This launched supply best performance in several ways, including ameliorate performance of the checkout operation, improve cache adapters for single-server systems and speedier big database searches. Moreever You can also download a big number of tax rates (3,000+) without any effect to performance.
Optimize Tax Calculation Algorithms
This release of the newest version of Magento Community Edition progresses tax calculation algorithms, removing potential rounding offsets that could be showed on purchaser facing screens. This launch of the new version also provides extra backing for Canadian tax requirements.
Functional amelioration
We have done almost 350 practical progresses in key zones, including the web store, shopping cart, admin order creation, import and export functionality, web API components and payment ways.
Security Enhancements
Out of a number of enhancements, plus we have reinforced also the security of Magento Community Edition. Check out the whole list of enhancements in our release notes.
We support you to take this preview release for a test drive and experiment with it. Please keep in your mind that we do not recommend that you use this release in a production environment. We will combine the feedback we get from the community along with any open issues, in next production-ready version.if you to Learn more about alpha releases and the Magento Community Edition release process.

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