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One Memorable Weekend at the Magento Bugathon and Mage Hackathon

One Memorable Weekend at the Magento Bugathon and Mage Hackathon

Hackathons have been a long tradition of the Magento community throughout the world. Developers and enthusiasts alike come together to work on challenging and inspiring projects, sharing of ideas and building friendships and experiences that are memorable. At every new event, a different and new hackathon format is introduced by creative community members.

This time, community members Sylvain Raye from Diglin and Tim Bezhashvyly from Openstream, brought all of us the first ever Mage Hackathon in Zürich, Switzerland. Magento joined in the fun and added a twist; focus on resolving issues and providing enhancements to the platform. But the fun didn’t end there. Another event was decided to be organized in the offices of Magento Headquarters in Los Angeles, running simultaneously on the weekend of March 8 through 10.

Great community members from Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, UK, Ukraine and many even remotely gathered to the mission in Zürich. US developers joined the Los Angeles event.

The premise was simple. The Magento team armed with issues to resolve in Bugathon GitHub repo, will provide several core developers, product managers, and Magento Test Automation Framework (MTAF) experts to facilitate the challenge. The community accepted the challenge and stepped up to deliver results. Over the weekend period, 72 issues were resolved, 54 pull requests were merged and 18 were pending in the Bugathon GitHub branch. From shipment issues to incorrect handling of quantities in shopping cart to transactional emails, models and observers, and JavaScript were some of the many areas that were addressed. Of the 54 pull requests, 23 have been verified and merged into the upcoming release. We will continue to work on reviewing the remaining pull requests to get as many of them as possible into the upcoming release and will provide a detailed breakdown to the community on their efforts in the coming weeks.

Additional enhancements and fixes were suggested and introduced from members at the event and remotely in all areas of functionality – keep them coming. And although the format was somewhat different, long traditions were kept. In Zürich, great presentations were given on Solr integration by Tobias Zander, release management and deployment with Capistrano framework by Sylvain Raye, secure password implementations by Fabian Biechshmidt, Magento Test Automation Framework by Dima Aponasenko and Alex Gorbivskiy in Zürich and Artem Shugayev in Los Angeles, and pros/cons to checkout changes by Tim Bezhashvyly. In Los Angeles, Magento 2 overview by Sergey Shymko, protecting your Magento store and extension 101 by Tim Stripling and John JJ Jawed, and demystifying Magento views for fun and profit, a developer’s guide to layout xml by Ben Marks.

Great food, snacks, beer and sodas, were provided throughout the event by LIIP in Zürich and Magento in LA that kept the community and Magento team fueling. There was even a ping-pong competition at the LA event and some good old-fashioned foosball at Zürich. The winners are still being determined.

Thank you to all who joined us at Magento Bugathon/Mage Hackathon. Thank you to all the Zürich sponsors and special thanks to Sylvain and Tim for organizing a memorable Mage Hackathon at Zürich.

We are looking forward to the next one.

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