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Event :  Honors Solution Partners (Magento)

Event : Honors Solution Partners (Magento)

At the end of conference of Magento’s 2013 Imagine eCmmerceAt , we have gathered with Solution Partners for the Annual Solution Partner Leadership Summit. 110 Solution Partner companies that came from around the world gathered to review the last year, talk over forward-looking aim and plans strategies, and know the valuable contribution of our Solution Partners.
We have discuss several topic in this meeting, we acknowledged the outstanding performance in 2012 been achieved by the Solution Partner channel. We are very happy and honored to get the chance to have many parteners committed to delivering artistic, creative, gorgeous,innovative, felicitous and successful Magento Enterprise Edition-based sites.
Special “Partner Excellence Awards” were presented to nine partners for their outstanding performance founded on Magento Enterprise Edition income, quality of applications and customer s gratification. Beside that five awards were presented to companies who showed their potential as rising stars in the partner network, with achievements including a very special year-over-year growth (2011 to 2012), and proven devotion to the advancement of their Magento Enterprise Edition practice.
We felicitate these Solution Partners, and great thanks to the whole Solution Partner network, for their good and hard work that been made and commitment to Magento and to our joint customers.
“Magento’s Solution Partner program contiunes to play a critical portion in the development of Magento in key verticals and markets. Our Solution Partners are leaders in the originative and technology communities, driving towards merchant growth. We are very happy and honored to acknowledge their persisted contributions to our prosperous ecosystem, and express our estimation for their relentless dedication and very hard work.” – Roy Rubin, COO and co-founder of Magento.

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