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Ameliorate Magento Extension

Ameliorate Magento Extension

We are trying our best and very interesting and committed to increasing the quality and usability of Magento link to create it the world’s great and the best eCommerce extension marketplace. To be able to do so, we want to make it very simple and easier for merchants to select extensions that suit their needs, while doing it in very simple way and very easy for developers to utilize the power of the Magneto Community to elevate their extensions. With more than 6000 extensions in the marketplace, it is critical that we stay concentrated on advancing Connect to supply a great experience for our merchants, partners, and developers.
Following are the key modication we have made in 2013, and we are just beginning!
Extension De-listings
We are deleting the outdated extensions on Connect. These are extensions that have not been used lately or have not kept up with the new releases of our product. By deleting these extensions, we are making sure that the Connect marketplace highlights new and pertinent extensions.
New Ratings & Reviews System
We launched our new Ratings & Reviews system in February, which permit merchants and developers to speedily estimate and confidently buy extensions. The recent system also permits and enables developers to distinguish their extensions through better back up and clear reviews.
New Theme Subcategories
We are introducing 16 new subcategories for Magento Themes, which will assist merchants discover and download the right theme for their business, and will permit developers to showcase their Magento themes and appeal to retailers in particular industries.
New Editorial Content Section
As a priority is To make it easier for merchants to find out great extensions and give extension owners a way to gain more intelligibility, we are representing new editorial content section on the Magento Connect homepage that includes: Most new, Staff Picks and Clients Picks. These categories will brilliance a spotlight on the greastest and the most relevant extensions among the thousands to choose from.
We are excited to receive your feedback and see your thoughts !

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