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Advanced CloudZoomy Roll Over to Zoom

Advanced CloudZoomy Roll Over to Zoom

arabgento.com : this extension module for generate extra zooming picture in section product details


for install just upload CloudAndZoomyRollOver-3.0.0.tgz from magento connect manager and click install.
clear cache and logout login for refresh acl
all needed parametres for cloud zoom inside :
System->configuration->cloud rollover
all needed parametres for zoomy inside :
System->configuration->zoomy rollover

For enable cloud zoom go to: System->configuration->cloud rollover->enabled=yes

magento roll over to zoom cloud zoomy params all configuration

For enable zoomy zoom go to:
System->configuration->zoomy rollover->enabled=yes
System->configuration->cloud rollover->enabled=no

zoomy rool over to zoom params of section configuration


  • customise css from field inside background admin
  • all parameters js is customisable from administration
  • every store view or store have own zoom widget
  • color chooser

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